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ESNL x FACEIT League System

Starting from ESNL Season 4, FACEIT has provided ESN with access to it's brand new League System.

This new system allows for a lot more ease for both admins and players. With in-system scheduling, teams will be able to access the League Page and see the set dates for all their matches, as well as seeing the standings of their group. If for any reason teams can't play a designated date, the in-system rescheduling will allow Captains to decide on a new date/time.

A feature which many teams have been asking for, Coaches! Teams will now be able to select a coach that will get to spectate them.

With Season 4 Signups closing this Sunday, 6th October, make sure to sign your team up to get access to this brand new system and for a chance to win from a £600 Prize Pool! Sign up HERE!

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