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ESNL Season 7 - Details

With the conclusion of ESNL Season 6 last night where Granit Gaming won the Grand Final in Triple-Overtime against Budapest Five, we now turn our focus onto whats to come in ESNL.

ESNL Champions Division

The new top tier of ESNL will feature 16 teams who will battle it out for a £1,500 Prize Pool. The only way to get access to this Division is by being offered a Buy-In Spot by ESN directly or by winning one of the two Qualifiers.

Details for ESNL Champions Division:

The Qualifiers are simple, a single-elimination bracket of Best-of-1 matches. The winner of the Best-of-3 final will claim their spot in ESNL Champions Division - Season 7. If you fail to make it through either qualifier, your team will receive a discount off the entry to ESNL Challenger Division.

Signups for the Qualifier can be found here:

ESNL Challenger Division

The Tier 2 Division of ESNL offers teams the chance to work their way up to the Champions Division. The Division will have a maximum of 64 teams, where the winner will get automatic promotion to the Champions Division and 2nd place going into a Relegation Qualifier against the two Champions Divison's Relegation teams.

Signups for ESNL Challenger Division can be found here:

For any enquires contact for more details.

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