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ESNL Season 5 - Live Finals Weekend

As just announced on our Twitter, we are finally able to announce that we will be hosting a Live Studio Production for our ESNL Season 5 Finals Weekend! The event will be livestreamed across the weekend of the 15-16th February, to our Twitch (

Here is a look at the Talent for this event:


Benjamin "Protalis" Hodge Mckenna


Anthony "Antpoolio" Abel

Dom "DomPhillipsCSGO" Phillips

Daniel "DanChan" Challinor

As we head into the Quarter Final stage of the Playoffs, here are the potential teams that might feature in the event:

- BPro Gaming

- Budapest Five


- Vector Gaming

- Devitas Esports

- BaeconGG.4Gaming

- Team Elitist

- Clan Quark

- Ex-Luxor

The players will not be in attendance to the production, however this will certainly be a future objective. We are excited to be taking such a big step, especially on our biggest Season yet. As well as offering the experience to the whole Production and Casting team.

This is just the beginning.

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