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ESNL Season 5 - Finals Weekend Round Up

Congratulations to BPro Gaming who closed out ESNL Season 5 in winning style, after taking the Grand Final 2-0 over Ex-Luxor Esports. BPro took down FAMOUS5.Pro 2-0 in the Semi Finals, as Ex-Luxor got a Forfeit win due to BaeconGG.4Gaming being in attendance to the LPCS LAN and had a scheduling block.

Although it ended a 2-0, by no means was the Grand Final in anyway lackluster. BPro took an early 12-0 lead on the T-Side of Train (Ex-Luxor's map pick) which for most, was then a done game. However, Ex-Luxor managed to bring it all the way back to 15-13. If they managed to take the map to Overtime, it would've been seen as a miracle comeback. Unfortunately BPro did close out the map 16-13 and headed onto their own map pick, Overpass, to try and seal the Season win.

Starting once again on the T-Side, BPro managed to take a 5-0 lead, which then lead on to being 8-7 up at the half. Ex-Luxor had their backs against the wall and went into the T-Side hoping the unusual nature of T-Side round wins continued. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't the case and BPro closed out Map 2 16-11 and were crowned Champions of ESNL Season 5.

The Finals Weekend was the first time we [ESN] had ever attempted doing a Live Production, something very uncommon in this tier of esports. We had a goal of having an in-studio setup with a Host and Casters Desk, in a professional looking format.

We are all super proud of the outcome of the Production and are forever thankful to everyone involved:

League Operators:

- Matt "MsC" Smithson-Connelly

- Jake "JKe" Holloway

Production Team:

- Ali "TricKy" Jabeen

- George "Ooferella" Green

- Sarah "OogwayIgway" Fox

- Jools "Slooj" Hughes


- Ben "Protalis" Hodge Mckenna


- Dom "DomPhillipsCSGO" Phillips

- Dan "DanChan" Challinor

- Anthony "Antpoolio" Abel


- Lottie Parry




Photo Gallery:

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