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ESNL Season 3 Finals Weekend

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 28th September 2019, begins the final stages of the ESNL Season 3 Playoffs. Them matches being:

  • Lupus Ignis vs Eyeshield Gaming

  • CEYA Esports vs eXon eSports

  • Grim Reaper Esports vs Poseidon Esport

  • Dragonborn Esport vs Tynx GG

ESNL Season 3 Playoff Bracket

Starting from 5pm and 8pm BST, all matches will be Live Streamed to our Twitch Channels.

Following the Quarter Finals, the Semi Finals will be played at 5pm BST on Sunday 29th, with the Grand Final being a little later that day at 8pm BST.

Teams will be competing for a £500 Prize Pool. Where 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd/4th Place all get a share:

  • 1st Place - £300

  • 2nd Place - £150

  • 3rd/4th Place - £25

With the conclusion of ESNL Season 3, teams will also have the chance to Sign Up for ESNL Season 4 at a discounted price of £25, which has a total Prize Pool of £600!

Sign Up HERE!

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