ESNL Season 2 kicked off with 12 new teams. From Week 1 we got to see some great matchups that kept on going throughout the rest of the weeks of the Regular Season. Noticable moments being; Wasps Gaming's 5 Scout Tactic, Vanix Esports' Overtime Comeback and LionsCreed taking down the unbeaten Genetexe. 

Final Regular Season Standings:








Wildcard Playoffs:

The bottom 3 teams from each group had one final chance to book themselves a spot in the Winners Playoffs. The Wildcard Playoffs was a Single-Elimination Bracket, with the two Finalists claiming a Wildcard Spot into the Winners Playoffs. 

Final Wildcard Playoffs Bracket:






Winners Playoffs

The weekend of the 17th-18th August 2019 was the weekend of our ESNL Season 2 Playoffs. With the top 8 teams looking to battle it out in a Single-Elimination Bracket, it was an all or nothing affair. Wasps Gaming and Genetexe breezed through their Quarter Final matches vs the Wildcard Card teams. Lions Creed and Absolved also made it to the Semi Finals after having to shut down a few comeback attempts from Evicted Esports and Lupus Ignis. 

Going into the Semi Finals, it was unclear on how things would pan out. All 4 teams had proved themselves and no one could call who would reach the Grand Final.

Semi Final 1 - Wasps Gaming vs Lions Creed 

Being the number one seed, Wasps Gaming were the team that most people were expecting to make it all the way. Which is exactly what they showed on Map 1 - Mirage by winning 16-13. On to Inferno, LionsCreed got onto a strong start by taking the first half 10-5 and carried on to win the map 16-9. The series was now 1-1, and the winner of Map 3 would secure their spot in the Grand Final. The map was Nuke and Wasps Gaming were the team to have a strong start. Going into the second half 11-4, LionsCreed had their work cut out for them. But that didn't stop them, they managed to make an impressive comeback to take it to Overtime. At the end of the first Overtime, things were still all square, meaning a double overtime was on the cards. Although Wasps Gaming had the stronger start, LionsCreed clutched up and won the 2nd Overtime 22-20. 

Semi Final 2 - Genetexe vs Absolved 

Being the more favourable team to win the matchup, Genetexe looked the stronger team with a 8-7 lead at Halftime on Nuke. However. Absolved kept it close and the teams went back and forth being in control. Until Absolved had a flurry of winning rounds and won the game 16-14. After such a close Map 1, the same was expected for Map 2. The map was Train, notorious for being a heavily CT sided map. Absolved started off on the said CT side and were leading 12-3 at the half. Expecting to comeback, Genetexe looked shocked as Absolved kicked off the second half with a pistol round win. From there, things kept on going badly for Genetexe, and Aboslved won the map 16-4, winning their Semi Final match 2-0.

Grand Final - LionsCreed vs Absolved

With such a fantastic day of CS:GO matchups, the Grand Final was finally here. It was a hard match to call, as both teams had beat the Number 1 and 2 Seeds. Starting again with Nuke, Absolved were confident on winning their map pick. However, Lions Creed subverted that expectation and won the map 16-11. Up next was Mirage, Lions Creed's own map pick. With a close first half at 8-7 in favour of the Lions, it was anyones map to win. Absolved fought hard to get a lead, but the Lions were too strong and showed their supremacy. The map finished 16-12 and Lions Creed were crowned ESNL Season 2 Champions.  


Wildcard Bracket.png