ESNL Season 1 was our first venture into hosting a Competitive League. With a great showcase of talent from all the teams that participated, it was fair to say Season 1 Playoffs were going to be a great watch. With a start of 12 teams, the League was quickly slimmed down to the final 6 teams, all looking to battle it out in Playoffs. 

The Playoffs were structured as a Double-Elimination Bracket. Instantly we saw who the top contenders were. Socially Esports, Eyeshield Gaming and Wildfire Gaming all breezing through their early rounds of the Playoffs. With Socially and Eyeshield meeting in the Upper Bracket Final, it was Socially who took the victory 2-1, knocking Eyeshiled down into the Lower Bracket. There they faced Wildfire, in a heated matchup to see who could clinch a spot in the Grand Final vs Socially. It was in fact Eyeshield who took the intense series 2-1, meaning they were looking for some revenge over Socially. 

Then came the ESNL Season 1 Grand Final, a matchup which looked promising to be the match of the Season. The final was a Best-Of-5, with Socially having a 1-0 start (due to coming from the Upper Bracket). But that didn't stop Eyeshield, straight away they made it 1-1 with a 16-5 victory on Mirage. Then onto Train, Eyeshield again taking a 16-11 victory and going 2-1 up in the series. This now meant Eyeshield were 1 map away from being Crowned ESNL Season 1 Champions. The 4th map was Dust II, a map in which Socially had look so dominant on throughout the Season. But Eyeshield took a dominating first half with a 13-2 lead. It was all down to Socially to make a massive comeback, but their efforts fell short with the map finishing 16-6 and Eyeshield were crowned the ESNL Season 1 Champions!